Description of Services

1. Spring Cleanup Removal of leaves and debris from lawn and other landscaped areas.

 2. Grub Control Application Merit insecticide applied between late June and early July to inhibit grub population and resulting turf damage.

  3. Mole Control Talpirid mole killer bait placed in active mole runs during the season.

  4 Mulching Includes defining edges and installation of 1.5” to 2” of new mulch to existing mulch beds. Also Preen pre-emergent is applied when requested.

  5 Tree & Shrub Pruning Includes removal of competing limbs and deadwood and hedging of bushes and shrubs to control growth.

  6 Lawn Applications Includes a combination of liquid and granular applications along with crabgrass and broadleaf weed controls to help promote a healthy turf. Lawn applications are done from April into November.

  7 Tree & Shrub Applications Includes insecticide & fungicide to reduce the risk of insect and disease infestations and deep root fertilizer to promote plant growth. Applications are done between the months of May and October. Necessary assesments & recommendations will be made to owner at time of application.

  8 Lawn Aeration Aerators are used to pull cores from turf, between August and September, to enhance root growth and increase penetration of water and nutrients into the soil.

  9 Bed Vegetation Control Includes spot spraying of Round-Up to mulch and rock beds to kill unwanted vegetation. Bed Weeding Includes hand pulling and removal of unwanted vegetation from any and all bed areas.

  10 Vegetation Control Includes spraying of Arsenal to concrete & pavement crack & crevices and necessary gravel areas.

  11 Edging Includes the removal of grass where the turf meets cement areas such as curbs or sidewalks.

  12 Fall Cleanup The first cleanup includes removal of leaves and debris from lawn areas. The second and final cleanup includes removal of leaves and debris from lawn and other landscaped areas. Annual & perennial plants & flowers will be cut at base and removed as needed.

  13 Irrigation turn-on Includes charging the system with water and initial head and clock adjustment. Any repairs will be made and appropriate charges will be billed to customer.

  14 Mid-Season Evaluation Check-up and adjustments made to insure that proper amount of water is being used. Repairs made as needed.

  15 Irrigation shut down(blow-out) Includes blowing water out of entire irrigation system with air.


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