To our valued customers,

We are starting applications on Monday April 27th. We realize everyone is anxious to get going so we will be working extra days and hours to get your first application done as soon as possible. We will still be running all of our routes in the normal order so with the late start you should expect to see us approximately 3 weeks or so later than usual. We have extra technicians helping so we WILL have everyone’s first application done by the end of May. Based on current soil temperatures this will still allow for the pre-emergent to be down in time to be effective and as a follow-up we intend on using pre-emergent and post emergent products with the 2nd application as well to help combat any potential crabgrass issues. And as always we will be taking care of your broad leaf weeds during each visit as we know these are already popping up with the warmer weather.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We are still looking forward to having a great summer season now that the restrictions are lifted and we will see you very soon!!

Thank you